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Rowing 2,800 miles across the Pacific Ocean

We start from the historic harbour of Monterey, following the path of many adventurers and explorers of yesteryear, and row 2,800 miles to the finish line in Nawiliwili Bay on the stunning island of Kauai. A hard-to-beat backdrop for what will be the most incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Once we launch, we will row non-stop for 40 days: 2 hours on the oars and 2 hours off. We will sleep in cramped quarters, cross two time zones, consume 850,000 calories, and experience all the weather and waves the Pacific throws at us. We will also see 40 sunrises, countless sea birds, and spend magical time with sea turtles, dolphins and whales

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Race Stats

The Pacific Ocean is the World’s deepest ocean

Just 80 people in 31 boats have successfully rowed to one of the Hawaiian islands from mainland USA

The word Pacific means ‘peaceful’

The first person to row the Pacific was Patrick Quesnel in 1976

75% of the World’s volcanos are situated in the Pacific ocean basin which is called ‘The Ring of Fire’

The average crossing time for all crew sizes is 62 days

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