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three mates in pursuit of being our best selves 

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Toby Renwick

Toby builds crewless boats for a living but hopes that our boat remains manned at all times. He brings seamanship experience and is the natural choice to captain the crew. But above all, he is one of the most genuine, no-nonsense guys you will ever have the pleasure to meet. 

George Ryan

George Ryan

George is a filmmaker and originally thought he was invited onto the crew so that he could film and not row the 3,000 miles. He contributes energy and positivity to the crew and is most excited about the 'bucket' toilet arrangements. Once you get to know George, he is one of the funniest, playful chaps any crew could have on board. 

Will Towning

Will is an entrepreneurial thinker and is the one who came up with the silly idea to row an ocean. He brings leadership and organisation to this otherwise chaotic experience. He is one of the most cool-headed and hardworking blokes you could ever work with.

Will Towning

More than just rowers 

Rowing is often described as the easy part. We rely on a large team of friends, family, partners, and specialists to make a project like this happen. As we achieve funding milestones and move closer to the challenge, our team will grow substantially with coaches, weather specialists, psychologists and more.  


about the boat

Rowing boat in the ocean

Carbon hull for 

light construction

Rowing boat with a crew in the ocean

Two cabins, one at each end, for sleeping and self-righting

the cabin

Two rowing seats for 24/7 rowing

Rowing boat with a crew in the ocean

9.24 meters in length 

& 1.82 meters in width

the cabin door

Space for one (or two during heavy storms)

the rowing seat

Human-propelled with solar for navigation, communication and water making

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