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surfers against sewage


We are raising donations and awareness in aid of Surfers Against Sewage. Over last 30 years SAS has grown into one of the UK’s most successful marine conservation and campaigning charities.

Through campaigning, education and research, SAS is helping drive change across four strategic area:

Water quality

SAS campaigns for clean oceans, rivers and lakes for wildlife and people. HODL stands with SAS in demanding an end to sewage discharge into UK bathing waters by 2023.


Plastic Pollution

SAS campaigns to turn back the plastic tide choking the ocean. HODL stands with SAS in demanding an end to plastic pollution on UK beaches by 2023.

Ocean Recovery

SAS campaigns to protect and restore the ocean wilderness. HODL stands with SAS in demanding high protection status for 30% of the ocean and all UK Marine Protected Areas by 2030. 


The ocean and climate change

SAS campaigns to stop destructive global heating threatening all life in and above the ocean. HODL stands with SAS in demanding that the UK achieves net zero, including the adoption of ocean-based solutions, by 2023.

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